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About Rita Shah

Knowing the art for over 35 years, Rita has mastered the beauty of Mehndi (Henna). Precision, imagination and elegance are just few words to describe her Mehndi designs. Her passion in mehndi can only be felt once you see her work on your hands. Rita is also able to capture the unique vision of her clients in the Mehndi designs.

She is deeply influenced by the Indian and Arabic art forms. She integrates both cultures and styles of mehndi, thus making her work of art one of a kind. Characters like traditional Bride and Groom, Ganesh, Elephant are just few of them that are included in her bridal designs. Rita has also won third place in the national Mehndi competition in 2003 that took place in India.

In addition to applying Mehndi, she also does cosmetology, where she perfects in hair designs and make-overs. Her seamless professionalism and attention to detail has made her a favorite among her clients.

She is a highly qualified and skilled artist to hire for your upcoming wedding or events. 

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