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Rita Specialized in every Mehndi Styles Including:

Traditional South Asian Bridal

Indo-Arabic Fusion


Western Contemporary

Jewelry-Style art


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Bridal Mehndi Services:
Rita understands that Mehndi plays significant role on bride’s wedding day, therefore she wants to ensure this day is extra special by giving you the absolute best quality. She is experienced in creating modern as well as traditional henna designs implementing special characters that best suits a bride's needs. She can work together to find and create a unique and beautiful design that fits your style and budget. She specializes in creating 'personal stories' in her bridal mehndi by including personal motifs that are significant to her brides' love stories.

Henna Parties:
Rita can be hired for your pre-wedding or any other Henna parties. As she can bring team of artists with her to treat your guests with a unique henna design that can be shown off for at least one to two weeks.

You can hire her hourly basis.


Beyond Traditional Henna:  

Rita also specializes in creating custom decorative Candles, Coffee Cups, Guest books, Wine bottles, Flower vase, etc. She has decorated hundreds of articles without duplicating any design.


Contact her today to advanced order or buy small quantity right away...

More Pictures are available on her Instagram!

Schedule your consultation with Rita Today!!

Decorative articles are also for sale individually.

Rita Only Uses 100% Natural Mehndi (Henna)!!

Available for Any Parties | Holidays | Karva Chauth | Wedding Henna | Corporate Events

Engagement| Bridal | Wedding Parties| Birthday Parties | Prenatal Henna |Baby Shower

Community Events| At Home Appointments|And Many More...

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